1. Riot Fest yesterday was so fun. Started out with The Menzingers. I was super happy when they played Where Your Heartache Exists. Next was The Front Bottoms which was a ton of fun. Then Silverstein before La Dispute whose crowd was surprisingly chill (at least on my side). Was a bit disappointed La Dispute didn’t play some of my faves (Bury Your Flame, Such Small Hands, or Said the King to the River), but they did play Woman (In Mirror) and Hudsonville, MI 1965 which was nice. Then Allie and I saw Patty Smith who was great, and then The Cure, who were great too, but played for so damn long my feet were dying. Even though my feet were killing me like halfway through the day, I had so much fun and am really glad I went. Looking forward to next year.

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When aca entre nos comes on.


    When aca entre nos comes on.

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    the ‘pop punk” culture is so gross and misogynistic even though the fan bases of these bands are mostly made up of mostly women, you always hear about the misogyny in rap music but the misogyny in alternative music never gets brought up… i wonder why.. oh wait no .. i know why 

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    a legendary pop music anthem that your faves could never touch

    She was there for me when no one else was

  8. Riot fest today!

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    i’ve never met nicki minaj but i trust her